CLC Constitution

CLC Constitution (as of the 2018 Convention)

2021 Convention Chronicles

A summary of the Convention.

The CLC Online Library

List of CLC Publications, Doctrinal Statements and some Devotional Materials

Reformation 2017 Documents

Two Powerpoint presentations showing Luther’s spiritual struggles and where he fits into the history of the world. These will download to your computer.
Developed by Kathryn Ubl and edited by Pastor Paul Fleischer and Professor Ross Roehl.

A Church’s Guide to

Video & Audio Recording, Production & Distribution

A Short Summary of CCF

This summary is prepared for use with the confession adopted in 1961.

Popular Version of CCF

A more recent document discussing the question of church fellowship.
For the original CCF please Click Here | Original CCF

Coordinating Council Reports

Devotional and Doctrinal Documents


These are large files. It is recommended that you RIGHT-CLICK on the link and choose the “Save Target As” or “Save File As” option to save on your computer before opening the file.

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